Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apollo Group Explores Education, Jobs and the American Dream - Yahoo! Finance

Apollo Group Explores Education, Jobs and the American Dream - Yahoo! Finance:

This is a very good discussion of the "skills gap" in education. How did we get here reviews the trends and the statistics associated with education. Some stats are based on a big McKinsey study.

Something happened.

Where have the 100 million years of missing education gone.

Go here to see a great video: Education, Jobs and the American Dream: How We Got Here is available at

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But Hall (2010) argues that universities are often producing the same olde degrees as if nothing has happened. Training for the same olde jobs, when many of those jobs are never coming back... Or if the jobs do come back, many of them will never be in the high numbers as before the recession (think construction and banking). No changes since the Great Recession. Few major shifts in a globally competitive world where global and sustainability concepts have changed the economic and competitive landscape.

Related to the years of missing education is the years of lost labor do to unemployment (and under-employment). Every year that someone dose not work is a year of lost income and a man-year worth of productivity to the economy. Going back for more training might be a good use of the years of unemployment. It certainly will help fill the gap in the resume.

"Skills gap" is a good phrase. It is applicable at so many different levels.


Hall, E. (2010). Lessons of recessions: Sustainability education and jobs may be the answer. Journal of Sustainability and Green Management. Jacksonville, FL: Academic and Business Research Institute. Retrieved from:  
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