Sunday, July 14, 2013

To Cheat or not to Cheat... The China Syndrome.

So there's a BIG to do about cheating in china.
WOW, what's the chance.
Here's a fun video... China uncensored.

Story from The Telegraph talks about the riot that broke out when special monitors came in to stop cheating on a critically important admissions test.

Cell phones and other instruments of cheating were confiscated prior to the exam. A riot broke out with the students and their parents.

An interesting point on the prior exam(s), apparently 99% of the students had the same identical answer on -- wait or it -- and essay question.

I'm curious if the question was, "How do you feel about cheating, and who were the people in your family that most influenced you toward this method of attaining higher grades?"

The crack down on cheating (if you can call it that) has even resulted in a ban on bras (for women) during exams. Hmmm??? I wonder if the distraction will cause the boys to come in with lower marks.?

Admittedly, this is a critically important exam, necessary to get into college. So a riot does seem like it should be in order. :-(

Now, how are they going to groom truly great counterfeiter and pirateers, if they are not allowed to properly exercise the skills of cheating.

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  1. Yeah, I understand that cheating in China is a big deal. Most of it is that they have this huge test after high school that basically determines their level of success for the rest of their lives, so there's this enormous pressure to do well on it. Plus, in most of China you have this culture of guanxi ("connections or networking") where your success is based on who you know and being able to bribe the right person the right amount. That said, most of the Chinese people I know really value educational attainment and Chinese culture puts a high value on erudition, so I would guess that the cheating problem is contextual rather than cultural.