Monday, September 1, 2014

Sustainable Universities

Sustainable Universities falls into to two schools (note the pun).
1) Those that have greener campuses in terms of reduced usage of resources and renewable resources.
2) Those that teach sustainability programs academically.
Of course, doing both is entirely possible... and even highly synergistic.

Here's a few sources of Green campus and green(er) universities:
Plus there has been some rather interesting reports on the topic in August of 2014. So this list should be updated soon.

Monday, May 19, 2014

How Summer Can Change Your Future -

How Summer Can Change Your Future -


We knew this, but real-to-life job experience is a HUGE asset to student... 

Especially if it is in industry.

This study found that getting an internship was one of the most significant (statistically) to getting a job. Not grades, so much. Not Major so much.

Wow. A cool aspect was that that internship was almost not included in the study looking at what works for graduating students, and what not.

Even though the correlation was 14% more likely to be hired because of an internship in the industry, the real effect is far greater. Someone who interned at a company is often (usually) offered a job at that company. This follow-on hire of an intern was not included in the study.

An internship is a wonderful way for a student to "test drive" a company and a career path. Also a company gets to test drive a prospective, future candidate.

In fact, if an intern is free in the market place, then they were likely not hired at the company where they interned... That likely doesn't bode well for the candidate, because the follow-on jobs are typically their (to lose).

So universities without internships, probably need 'em.

But a continuation of the practical-experience metaphor is that maybe more "education" should be hands-on!... With a little hands-on experience during education, the application of the theory goes a LOT further.

What a difference a summer job internship makes. Even if you work for free, it could pay big dividends.
Although, the slave labor of a free intern is being challenged... Companies probably should just pay interns a paltry sum, plus some expenses.

Very interesting!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

How do we stem the STEM shortage. Innovation killer or not?

The STEM shortage: Crisis or myth? | Spring 2014:

Wow, give a look at this on STEM jobs and education. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education).

So how do we (u.s.a) stem the STEM shortage?

This is an interesting article about the STEM PIPELINE that has a lot of leaking

This is an original article in UoP's Faculty Matters magazine.

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