Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Education goes Viral

Education is going viral this week at several college and public campus: virtual, online, education, that is.
Online education has continued to grow over the decades. Online degrees have flourished, especially for the people who are in remote locations, like Alaska and in military deployment. University of Phoenix and a few other universities have really taken online to the students (and professors) where ever they are. More than a third of college students have taken an online class. For years the increase in online learning experienced double digit growth, at times exceeding 10% more than the growth in land-based learning.
But things have changed. Now, high schools and colleges are preparing to go online full on. If they close the campus, there's no reason that education cannot go online and continue without interruption.
Wow. Imagine a university that is 66% land-based suddenly, in mid-term, switch to 100% online. Professors who already had grades and assignments online, will probably be able to move to all online without difficulty.
Wow. Can you imagine that once the massive move to all online has been tested, what the move back to the classroom might be? Schools may never go back to a majority of classes that are land-based.
Even a hybrid format may become a dominant version of the partially land, mostly air (virtual) class format.
Imagine what that does for carbon footprint. Imagine what that does to reduce the need for campus facilities. Don't need nearly as many classrooms. For libraries?
Hmmm... ???
Image for those Us that are starting to tally up their carbon footprint and taking actions toward sustainability? They just reduced their carbon footprint by 25%, maybe 50% in a week.
Oh... and what about the cost savings!???
Hmmm... ???
Online changes, they are a com'n. 
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  1. Expect some stats on online education here. Many of the Gov stats are a year or two lag.